Dublins Original BBQ Joint

Pitts Bros opened its doors in 2013 and was Dublin’s first BBQ joint. We take pride in using local ingredients, premium cuts of meats that are Irish farmed and locally butchered. We smoke over wood for up to 12 hours in our fine custom built smokers. We have also mastered and developed a unique blend of dry rubs, mops and marinades. Each of our sauces and all of our pickling is done in-house on a daily basis with no compromises. We are proud to say that we are passionate about authentic American BBQ.

Slow Food, Fast!

Meat smoking is the process of encompassing a piece of meat within a smokey chamber whilst cooking it at a low temperature for an extended period of time- in other words low and slow cooking. This long and extended exposure to the smoke allows the meat to take on a smokey flavour, thus giving it a taste that is very much unmatched. These meat smokers generally aim for a temperature range between 200 degrees- 225 degrees, but it all depends on the type of meat that you are smoking. The smoke itself does not really cook the meat but the fire actually cooks the meat.

Quality Cuts.

When it comes to smoking meats, Pitts Bros believes in using nothing but the best quality meats that are locally sourced. We partner with FXBuckley, Dublins longest standing family butcher. Our meats are cut and aged in a process spefic to Pitt Bros. All meat are not equal. Brisket will have lots of connective tissue and fat, this will add to the flavour after 12hours in the pitt. Pork on the other hand will need a shorter smoke time and less fat content. FXBuckleys custome butcher pork ribs for us at Pitts Bros, which have become a form favourite on the menu. Be sure to check the Pitt Bros Original Ribs,Jerk Ribs, Bourbon Ribs or Cola Ribs.

Rub & Wood.

After meat, a great dry rub is key to the success of a slow smoked BBQ. We make our own dry rubs each day at Pitt Bros. Each meat type will require a different flavour plrofile. For example Brisket is a very robust cut so our dry rub packs a puch with flavours like cayne pepper and smoked paprika. Our smoked half chickend on the other hand are seasoned with a much more subtle dry rub made up of oregano, thymes, garlic powderm salt and lemon rind. Smoking wood plays an integral role in the flavour and colour of the meat. It also forms the bark on the meat. Generally mild woods are used for smoking fish and poultry, medium fruit woods are best for poultry or pork and strong woods better hold up against dark red meat. The wood comes in the form of wood chunks, wood chips or pellets. Wood chunks allow for a steady, slow release of smoke whilst the wood chips and pellets are quicker to smoke. Some popular types of wood are:

At Pitt Bros, we use traditional American BBQ techniques in our kitchen and focus on Irish hospitlaity in our dining room. Come for the BBQ stay for the party!

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